Q4'23 Bond Market Opportunities

October 24, 2023

At Landing Point, as part of our well-defined macroeconomic investment process, we aim to identify and capitalize on opportunities throughout all phases of market cycles. Currently, we are optimistic about bond markets. The driver of this opportunity includes a peak in short-term interest rates expected within the next 3-6 months, coinciding with the Federal Reserve pausing fed funds rate hikes.  You can see Fed Funds rate expectations in the chart below. 

As short-term interest rates reach their peak, we anticipate growing demand for higher yields extending out along the yield curve. This jump in demand will push bond prices higher while simultaneously driving yields lower. In response, we are strategically positioning our portfolios to proactively take advantage. Our primary objectives include securing attractive yields and minimizing short-term reinvestment risk by purchasing intermediate and long-term corporate bonds trading at discounts in anticipation of an impending rally. Security selection is very important during this transition, as default risk in corporate bonds reemerges due to the increased borrowing costs for corporations, potentially impacting their balance sheets.

Current Yield Curve

Short term rates remain elevated relative to intermediate and long-term.

Source: Bloomberg LP

Source: JP Morgan Asset Management

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